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  • Abbot Hernandez
    Texas Governor Greg Abbott vowed to cut funding to Austin’s new sheriff after she announced her county would scale back cooperation with federal immigration officials over deportations, marking a showdown over so-called sanctuary cities that may resonate beyond the Lone Star state. (Article by Shane Dixon Kavanaugh from ) Abbott, a Republican, has threatened […]
  • Politics
    AUSTIN — Women have been registering to vote at a faster pace than men in Texas while people with Hispanic surnames represent about one fourth of the newly registered voters across the state. That’s according to an analysis of new voter information done by a veteran Republican data consultant. Article by The Texas Secretary of […]
  • 1409237620000-1409229765000-City-council
    According to the leftists who dominate politics in Austin, Texas, it is outrageously offensive to tell young people to get an education and a job, and “do something useful and produce something in your society so you don’t have to live off others.” (Article by Thomas Lifson) Austin City Council member Don Zimmerman is currently […]
  • HansomCab
    An online petition is asking the City of Austin to ban horse-drawn carriages in the downtown area. Close to 20,000 people have already signed the petition and if 20,000 qualified Austin voters sign on, City Council will have to call an election on the matter. (Article by Jennifer Kendall) The Austin Transportation Department has several […]
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    From the Austin Monitor: The non-senior Austinite who owns a median-priced home and uses an average amount of water and electricity can expect his or her bill for taxes, fees and utilities to increase by about $12.48 per month for the 2017 Fiscal Year, under a proposal from the city’s budget staff. (Article by Jo […]
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    AUSTIN — After discovering that the drinking water for hundreds of disabled Texans living in state-funded homes contained toxic amounts of lead, state officials waited a month to test the residents for lead poisoning, which may have skewed results. (Article by Brittney Martin) The amount of lead that can be detected in a person’s blood typically drops by […]
  • fingerprint-328992_960_720
    The Austin City Council could soon put teeth into its fingerprinting requirementfor drivers with ride-hailing services. (Article by Ben Wear) A proposed ordinance, in something less than straightforward fashion, would penalize ride-hailing companies that don’t get a certain percentage of their drivers fingerprinted by making the companies pay the city an additional 1 percent of […]
  • uber-driver
    Uber and Lyft’s May departure left a wake that still ripples across Austin today. Dealt a huge, public loss, the Austin tech community faced questions and criticism from across the country. Investors lost faith, visitors were astounded and the companies and people that built a vibrant and booming tech ecosystem looked up and wondered what […]
  • Doctor
    The Texas GOP birthed a new and improved, two hundred 2016 Texas Republican Platform on May13, 2016.  The Platform now consists of 266 planks and one of them, the Elections Integrity Plank No. 59, takes on the Texas Secretary of State’s (SoS) Election Division and directs their office to step up and better secure our […]
  • AustinCityCouncil
    After last week’s very strange meeting – quorum-less with a quorum – this week’s (June 16) City Council session at least anticipates a full complement of participants. Enough proposals were punted from last Thursday to this one (and beyond) to fill a normal agenda, but there’s also enough new material to keep the dais bubbling […]